Self Care

Take Care of Yourself First

Here's how I do it.


Different Things to Try

What is Self Care

It is absolutely anything that helps my well-being as a human being, whether that's my mind, my body or my soul. (I use the word soul when I mean emotions. It sounds better.)

The very basic bare ass bottom line of it is, if its a healthy behaviour, in which I mean it doesn’t hurt you or anybody else or the world in general, and if it makes you feel good, then it’s self care.

For me, it's things like this:

-Making a piece of art



-Singing & Rapping

-Cooking or baking yummy food

-Actually eating aforementioned food

-Watching horror movies

-Reading biographies

-Reading about the whole world and everything in it on Reddit

-Writing poetry or journaling

-Doing yoga

-Playing with my pets

-Going for long walks in the woods

-Cuddling with my fiance on the couch

-Working on whatever writing project I have going on at the time, there’s always several.

But Self Care is also things like this:

-Doing the dishes

-Washing my sheets

-Burning scented candles for the ~atmosphere

-Taking the garbage out

-Having a shower

-Brushing my teeth

-Washing my hair

-Fuck, even just taking my ponytail down and brushing my hair for the first time in a straight week. (I mean, I always wanted dreadlocks but not like this.)

-All the basic adult tasks that most people seem to be able to handle simply and easily with no problem at all, but which for me feel like climbing Mt. Everest sometimes.

Take care of yourselves first, people.


But it's not fool-proof, as you can see from this thing I made while angry at the world: