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Life on the Borderline

The martian behind the magical madness.

A little bit more about me and who I am and what I'm doing (because you know, a whole website wasn't enough already, here's another page).


On Mental Health Recovery:

"I don't know what I'm doing, but it feels good."


Who Am I?

No, really. Could anyone tell me? I have no idea.

Mental Health Advocate

In theory, I help break the stigma surrounding mental health. In actuality, this is a job title I made up to protect myself from the fact that I'm just another person ranting on the internet.


I write every day, whether it's in my journal, making up stupid poetry for twitter, or working on one of my many writing projects, this blog being only one.


I use art as a way to escape from my own mind, if just for awhile. Recently, I've discovered digital art, but in terms of traditional media, I love watercolour painting for it's wild, organic beauty.


Depression naps are great and all but nothing lifts my mood like blasting some music and dancing around my kitchen. If I'm not depressed, I'm dancing. I feel like there's no in between sometimes and that's because there's not. I split basically everything.

Internet Comedian

I make sarcastic quips online to deal with my emotional pain. Laughter is the best medicine, and I would know. I've been on all of them.


About Me

  1. 27 years old.

  2. Canadian, eh

  3. I love lists.

  4. English major drop-out

  5. I write about my life and make memes to cope with my pain.

  6. On a mission for BPD and mental health awareness.

  7. I headline rap shows (... in my kitchen... for my cat)

  8. I'm ready to #endthestigma

  9. I am going to do great things; if I can ever get my depressed ass off the couch.

  10. Despite my many mental health problems, I'm actually in a really good place right now.


"Fuck being normal."